About The Reiki Studio



Welcome to The Reiki Studio and thank you for visiting my website! 

My name is Sarina and I am a Reiki Master trained in Original Usui Reiki, both Eastern and Western philosophies and I'm lucky enough to live in Bexhill on Sea.

So who am I, and why would you come to me for Reiki Healing, Past Life Healing or Reiki Courses? 

Well, my relationship with healing started when I was young. I always have and still do believe in magic, or as some people call it, 'universal energy'. I was one of those lucky kids who was bought up to respect and celebrate all spiritual paths. My Grandmother used to tell me that God was literally in everything and came to different people at different times for different reasons, but that we are all brothers and sisters and we should always respect life in all it's beautiful forms. Being a spiritual being, a soul and connecting with the universal energy was deemed normal to me as a child and it's normal to me now.  However, as a child I was also taught the importance of science, of discovering and learning and growing, and the importance of love and respect for all life, including nature and space. To me, spirit, science and love are all connected, are 'one'.

Original Usui Reiki has been a part of my life and my path for the past 10 years now and it is an essential way of living for me, it goes hand in hand with almost all that I do on a daily basis. Reiki literally propelled me onto a journey to places I never thought I would go to, taught me lessons I didn't know I needed (and I didn't particularly want), and essentially guided me to who I am now. Always for my highest good. I know that my journey will continue and I have no idea of where it will take me, but I've learnt to be excited by the unknown now. Well, most of the time... 

I've found my foundations with reiki over the past 10 years and I know as my reiki journey continues, so will my learning. Through reiki I have met many beautiful souls and experienced so many beautiful healings. Some of these healings may have taken a little time, but it's truly a joy to see wonderful souls find themselves through reiki and love. I've found that the most important thing for me during a healing is that the client is comfortable and feels safe, so they can relax and let the healing do its' magic. I let reiki lead me during a treatment, I follow the energy and know that it will adapt and be suited to the individual clients' requirements. 

I should mention I love working with crystals, I never know what to expect from them. I have a selection of crystals for clients to choose from, if you wish to work with crystals.       

Due to Covid, I had to close down my private room for reiki. However, I will take one to one bookings at Little Gem, in Little Common, Bexhill or if clients prefer, you can book distance healing treatments. 

So what will happen during your Reiki Treatment?

Before the actual treatment starts, I will ask you to fill in a client treatment form which is private and confidential. We will have a chat to discuss any issues you want addressed and then begin the reiki with you lying comfortably on a massage table with soft music playing in the background.

During the reiki treatment, I always start at the head and work myself down the body's aura to the feet. This is a hands on or off treatment but most of the time my hands will be about 2 inches away from the body. The reiki itself is passed through me into your aura and energy field, unblocking and removing negative  energy, dis-ease or stress. Reiki most of the time is a beautiful, calming and relaxing experience, however there are times when it can become uncomfortable. If at any point the client feels uncomfortable, we can stop and take a break. Tea and biscuits are offered. Once the reiki treatment is finished, you will have a few minutes to just lie there and take your time getting back up. The treatment is finished off with a feedback discussion.

If you would like to know more about reiki and the benefits, you can contact me and arrange a free consultation. 

All prices and treatments can be found on the Treatments page, or if you would like to learn reiki, I offer Attunements and Reiju Empowerments with a free copy of my book, Reiki's Highest Potential.