Shoden 1st Degree Original Usui Reiki Course - Western & Eastern Philiosophies

Shoden 1st Degree Original Usui Reiki Course - Western & Eastern Philiosophies

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Outline of Shoden 1st Degree Reiki Course

I teach Shoden 1st Degree Reiki in 2 parts, the first covering Western philosophies and the second covering Japanese philosophies. This can be done over two short days or one long day.  With the course comes a detailed manual and on-going support.

Part 1:

Part 1 is designed to give you an overview of reiki in regards to its history from both Western and Japanese perspectives. You will receive two attunements, learn how to feel your own energy / aura and most importantly learn how to connect with, and feel reiki. This part of the course is focused on Western philosophies of reiki, so we review the chakra system, western reiki hand positions for self-treatments and treatments for others. We finish we a reiki self-treatment. Together we will start a twenty-one day reiki cleanse. The overall schedule for part 1 is as below:

  • Review the history of reiki from both Western and Japanese perspectives
  • Discuss what exactly is reiki
  • 1st attunement
  • Western philosophies covering auras, chakras, hand positions for self-treatments and the cleansing period.
  • 2nd attunement
  • Reiki treatments for others – going into specifics of treatments and practical experience.
  • General reiki information.

Part 2:

We will begin with the Japanese rituals for reiki treatments and gain practical experience by practising reiki on a client. You will receive one attunement and one empowerment. We will then finish the course with an overview of what your reiki journey after Shoden 1st Degree may entail.

  • 3rd Attunement
  • Original Usui Reiki Practice.
  • The Five Principles of Reiki.
  • Japanese rituals for reiki including Breath, Gassho, Hat Su Rei Ho, Reiji Ho and Byosen.
  • Empowerment
  • Gain practical experience of treating others using the Japanese techniques and receive a treatment yourself.
  • Overview of your reiki journey after the Shoden 1st Degree Reiki Course.
  • Lineage and support.