Tales of a Reiki Master No.4 - Reiki's Highest Potential - Book Intro

Reiki’s Highest Potential – Book Intro

This is exciting and terrifying at the same time. My first book, Reiki’s Highest Potential, is being released on Friday 27 May 2022.  5 weeks from today!

I’m sure I’m feeling the same as every first-time author, a little bit sick, and excited, and anxious, and definitely excited and definitely a little bit sick. However, and this may seem strange, but when the anxiety starts, I find myself picking up my copy. I find that reading through various parts of the book feels like a hug and gives me comfort. Other times I feel like I’m getting a kick up the bum, and a mental tug towards the ‘be positive, you have nothing to feel anxious about’. I must also admit as my memory deteriorates with age, it’s the perfect size to carry around and get the information I need straight away instead of having to wait 5 minutes for my brain to catch up.

I’ve been procrastinating (Yeah, really, have you read my past blogs?) about the whole PR and marketing, because it’s not a strong point for me at all. I’m really good at putting off social media posts etc. But I have to finally get on with this, so I thought the best way to introduce you to the book is to give you an introduction haha. This is the official book intro which has been sent out to magazines, bloggers etc. I hope you find it interesting, and maybe pre-order your very own copy.


Reiki’s Highest Potential is an open, honest and informative book which explores the origins and healing practices of Original Usui Reiki, both Eastern and Western philosophies. It follows the method/practice that was developed, used and taught by Mikao Usui, and how Reiki learning has evolved into what is now taught globally. This book teaches the reader how to use Reiki healing to cleanse energy blocks which cause dis-ease and imbalance within the physical, mental, emotional and energy/spiritual bodies, and takes the reader on a journey through the three degrees, giving them the tools/techniques taught in the book to heal themselves, and to find their highest potential.

The author, a Reiki Master herself, wrote this book for all those interested in Reiki healing, from new comers who don’t know what Reiki is, to Reiki students and Reiki Masters, and to people who have been attuned but have not practised in a long time. This book is also useful for people who are interested in well-being, mindfulness, mediations or breathing techniques to calm the mind when anxious or going through trauma.

Each of the three degrees, Shoden – 1st Degree, Okuden – 2nd Degree, and Shinpeden and Shihan Master Degree contain both the Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, all the basic information, meditations, exercises, and practical uses for that particular level of Reiki. Included is how the cleansing process works after being attuned to each degree, and how this cleansing can literally change your mind set and release hidden trauma and dis-ease.

Shoden teaches the reader about self-healing and how to begin the journey into healing, where emphasis is very much focussed on first being connected to the Reiki energy and learning how to conduct self-treatments. The Five Principles of Reiki are explored and shows how bringing those into your everyday routine, can free one from negative emotions and thoughts, a way to retrain your brain to think of positives and not the negatives. Shoden is very much about self-healing, about investing in your own physical, emotional, mental, and energetic/spiritual self.

Okuden teaches how to connect to different Reiki frequencies via Kotodama and symbols to heal on the deeper levels of the emotional and mental bodies, and how to build a cosmic bridge to send Reiki over long distances or different time periods. This level also looks at the all the practical elements of working as a professional Reiki Practitioner, such as how to prepare for clients, how to conduct professional treatments, and how to work within the limits of the law, with integrity, ensuring that the treatment is always for the clients’ highest good.

Shinpeden and Shihan Master Degree teaches how to connect to further Reiki frequencies via Kotodama and symbols which heal much deeper on the soul/spirit body, the process and how to conduct Attunements and Reiju Empowerments, enabling Reiki to be passed onto others. This level also looks at all the practical elements of teaching Reiki to others, such as how to prepare, price and time your Reiki courses for students. There is also an emphasis based on the Master Degree being the beginning of your soul healing journey, and that Reiki learning does not end with the Master Degree, but is something that we constantly relearn throughout our lives.

This book does contain the Kotodama and symbols with explanations on how to use them, ensuring that all the information a Reiki practitioner needs is to hand. These are not commonly printed or shared with people with no knowledge of Reiki, as we are taught that the Kotodama and symbols should be viewed as sacred and secret. This book explores how being open and honest about Reiki practices, welcomes more people to come and learn without committing. The basis being that they will come to Reiki when they are ready, with an open mind and a willingness for healing.

But the book does not end with the Master Degree. Throughout each degree, the author writes about her personal journey through each Reiki Degree, how the cleansing process changed her view of herself, and how it guided her to discover who she was and how to reach her highest potential at a particular moment in her life. The journey continues with her becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher, using her experience to give an honest account of how to grow into these positions with confidence, whilst making a few mistakes along on the way.

The book finishes with additional symbols that the author connects to and how her Reiki healing has continued since taking her Master Degree ten years ago, allowing her to continue growing, evolving and finding her place in healing.

This book is a guide on how to use Reiki to heal yourself – be it your mental and/or emotional life to improve your career or personal relationships, or physical issues, or your personal energy/spiritual life to gain more perspective on who you are on a deeper level, so you may reach your highest potential.


Next week, I will publish an extract from the book, so keep your eyes peeled for my blog. 

Love Sarina x

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